Webinar Participation as Speaker and Moderator

I have hosted webinars for the ACS.  My first experience was at the ACS Indianapolis meeting in 2013.  The first on-air, June of 2014.

Date Webinar Link
  12 Nov 2020 The Future of Sustainable Agrochemistry Webinar with Peter Eckes, George Frisvold and Tejas K. Shah CSR Webinars
  15 July 2020 Grateful for Chemistry (I am the speaker) ACS Webinars
  29 April 2020 Better Communication in the Digital Age (I am the speaker) ACS Webinars
  10 February 2020 Inorganic Biohybrids: Advancing Artificial Photosynthesis Webinar with Dan Nocera and Katherine Brown CSR Webinars
  14 March 2019 Is Biodegradability a Solution to Plastic Waste Pollution in the Ocean and on Land?  with Ramani Narayan of Michigan State University ACS Webinars
  17 May 2018 Exceptional Presentations In Spite of PowerPoint: The Sequel (I am speaker) ACS Webinars
  15 March 2018 Exceptional Presentations In Spite of PowerPoint: How to Communicate in the Digital Age (I am speaker) ACS Webinars
13 April 2017 Materials Science Series: The Good, The Bad and the Uncertain: Public Perception of the Chemical Enterprise (I am speaker)  ACS Webinars
2 March 2017 Materials Science Series:  TERA-print: From Academic Discovery to A Commercial Desktop Fab with Chad Mirkin of Northwestern University and Teraprint ACS Webinars
  3 October 2016 Materials Science Series:  The Chemistry of Life: Treating Cancer with Nanoparticles Powered by the Sound of Light  with Justin Harris of NanoHybrids ACS Webinars
  4 August 2016 Materials Science Series:  The Chemistry of Power Free Wearable Sensors: Smart Polymeric Materials with Michelle Lee and Andrea Armani of the University of Southern California ACS Webinars
  7 July 2016 Materials Science Series: The Chemistry of Sight: Material Innovations in Eye Care and Contact Lenses with Heather Sheardown of McMaster University ACS Webinars
  2 June 2016 Material Science Series:  Chemistry of Comfort: New Catalysis Enables New Elastomers for Athletic Shoes with Edmund "Ted" Carnahan of Dow Chemical ACS Webinars
  5 May 2016 Material Science Series:  Chemistry of Go: Solar Powered Flight with Claude Michel of Solvay discusses the technology behind the around-the-world flight of the Solar Impulse ACS Webinars
7 April 2016 Material Science Series:  Chemistry of Go: Innovations in Alternative Fuels with Jennifer Holmgren of LanzaTech ACS Webinars
  10 March 2016 Material Science Series:  The Chemistry of Hello-Batteries with Dee Strand of Wildcat Discovery Technologies ACS Webinars
  4 February 2016 Material Science Series:  The Chemistry of Hello-The Next Generation of Circuitry with Tobin Marks of Northwestern University ACS Webinars
14 January 2016 Materials Science Series: Chemistry of Hello- Making the Glass of Tomorrow. Timothy Gross of Corning describes the development of Gorilla Glass. ACS Webinars
  04 June 2015 Chemistry & the Economy: 2015 Mid-Year Review: Paul Hodges of International eChem returns to examine what is causing the international and domestic market to slow and how emerging technologies could provide a needed boost. ACS Webinars
19 February 2015 Chemistry in the Courtroom: Demystifying Science for Judge and Jury: A jury and/or a judge not only depend on honest testimony, but they want a chemist who can simplify the complex science. ACS Webinars
22 January 2015 3D Printing: From Molecules to Manufacturing: Dr. Tim Long and Dr. Christopher Williams provide an overview and a perspective on the future that Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) as it relates to chemicals and materials. ACS Webinars
  11 December 2014 Chemistry & the Economy: Global Outlook 2015: Paul Hodges examines how the chemistry industry is fairing, as well as give a forecast for 2015 ACS Webinars
5 June 2014 Chemistry & the Economy: 2014 Mid-Year Update: Paul Hodges, of International eChem, and Mark Jones, of Dow Chemical Corporation, discuss the issues and trends affecting you in 2014. ACS Webinars

ACS blogs

I was asked to blog for the ACS. Starting in April 2015, I wrote a monthly blog on topics related to the chemical industry.  Changes in ACS staffing put program on hiatus, to be recast as Industry Matters, where I currently contribute.

  Date Blog Link
  8 April 2020 More Gratitudes for Chemistry published on ACS Industry Matters ACS Industry Matters  | text  | LinkedIn
  21 May 2020 Gratitude for Chemistry published on ACS Industry Matters ACS Industry Matters  | text  | LinkedIn
  7 May 2020 COVID questions in ACS Industry Matters ACS Industry Matters
30 April 2020 COVID questions in ACS Industry Matters ACS Industry Matters
  1 July 2019 What I Learned column in ACS Industry Matters What I Learned
  17 March 2017 Robotics and artificial intelligence: can they make today’s chemist obsolete? ACS Industry Voices
  4 January 2017 My Favorite Patents:  How I am in awe of the inventor of the self-inflating whoopee cushion ACS Industry Voices
7 October 2016 The Scientific Literacy Paradox ACS Industry Voices
16 September 2016 Going in Circles ACS Industry Voices
  12 August 2016 The Degrading State of Composting ACS Industry Voices
  14 July 2016 Where There’s Smoke: Getting Risk Right ACS Industry Voices
  24 June 2016 Chemistry on Display: Depictions in Ads and Art ACS Industry Voices
  11 May 2016 Chemistry Failed Me: My battle with the Emerald Ash Borer ACS Industry Voices
  21 March 2016

Planting Trees You'll Never Use For Shade

ACS Industry Voices
  3 March 2016 I Just Wrecked My Platinum Footprint ACS Industry Voices
  29 January 2016 Not Again: Flint and the Consequences of Following the Law Instead of Its Intent ACS Industry Voices
  16 December 2015 Sometimes the Axes Are Just Orthogonal ACS Industry Voices
  25 November 2015 Is Education the Answer?  At least in the case of smoking, the ability of education to alter behavior has reached a limit. ACS Industry Voices
  23 October 2015 They Lied to Me (and You):  lamentations of a VW diesel owner ACS Industry Voices
  24 September 2015 No Brand Love for Chemical Companies:  chemical history seems never to be fondly rememebered ACS Industry Voices
  18 August 2015 Cheap Enough to Eat?  Shale gas is so cheap and abundant that technologies are being deployed to make it directly into food. ACS Industry Voices
  17 July 2015 Ambiguous Definitions Are The Enemy Of Agreement: a comparison of the concepts safe and sustainable ACS Industry Voices
  5 June 2015 The Paradox of Making Something Everyone Needs: eggs are related to chemical production ACS Industry Voices
  24 April 2015 Retractions: perils of the patent literature, where nothing is retracted, are outlined ACS Industry Voices